Biodegradable ingredients

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Cosun Beet Company is leading the way in sustainable practices with their use of fermentation, advanced enzyme engineering, bio-based extraction methods, and separation processes. Their challenge is to create a viable way to harness the potential of sugar beet raw materials to produce biobased, mild, and biodegradable functional ingredients for Home Care and Personal Care (HC&PC) applications. The company’s commitment to sustainability extends to its use of ingredients, including emulsifiers, surfactants, preservatives, and bleaching agents among others, each selected for their eco-friendly impact. With its innovative technologies and focus on sustainability, Cosun Beet Company is setting a path to follow, ending in a more sustainable future for everyone.

Utilising sugar beet raw materials to produce biodegradable ingredients for Home & Personal Care products.

  • Processes and technologies
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Partnering with Cosun Beet Company offers a range of advantages. You gain access to a secure supply of plant-based raw materials, ensuring reliability in your production processes. With our expertise in large-scale biobased production, we can efficiently scale up operations to meet growing demands. Our established sales channels in the home and personal care markets provide opportunities for market penetration and expanded reach. Additionally, potential investment opportunities through our corporate office open doors for financial support and collaborative growth. Partnering with Cosun Beet Company provides you with a secure supply chain, efficient scalability, market access, and potential investment support.


To qualify for this challenge, startups should have a working prototype or demonstrator, be capable of producing the product on a kilogram scale (preferably 5 to 10 kg or more), and be able to launch a finished product or service within 6 to 18 months. they should have a focus on speed to market and potential commercialization by 2025 or 2030. Furthermore, startups should be ready to conduct a pilot project in the Netherlands and be willing to establish final production activities in the challenge’s region, Vierverlaten, the location of Cosun Beet Company.