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Our objective for the Challenge is to repurpose wastewater and extract salts from effluent as feedstock. We are seeking partnership to help us derive value from our process and wastewaters. Despite our limited RD&I organization, we collaborate with universities and startups/scaleups to leverage our expertise in chemically oriented brine purification. Our focus is on experienced partners in water purification and salt and water recycling. Over the next four years, our target is to reuse at least 200 m3/hr of water and treat 5 million m3 of wastewater annually at our Delfzijl location. The recovered salt will be reintegrated into our activities or become part of a new value chain if non-NaCl salts are present. The recovered water will be used our site’s process water infrastructure.

Purification and salt extraction from salt containing residual streams.

  • Salt Extraction Technologies
  • Wastewater Treatment Technologies


We provide comprehensive support and coaching in professional business management across various areas, including research and development (R&D), legal advice, finance, and operations. Our collaboration extends to R&D partnerships with Nobian and associated academic groups, allowing for valuable knowledge sharing and joint advancements. We offer our extensive know-how and network to startups and scale-ups, providing an opportunity for exploration and growth. Intellectual property (IP) ownership arrangements can be tailored, with options for the start-up or scale-up to retain IP, while Nobian retains ownership of its own IP or developments. In certain cases, we are open to participating in investments depending on the technology and its applicability. Furthermore, our professional operational organization ensures efficient project management and maintenance and operations support, adding value to the overall partnership.


To be considered for collaboration with Nobian, your solution should meet the following scale-up criteria. It should be a low-cost, non-fossil driven technology, demonstrating its alignment with our sustainability goals. Having a working prototype, demonstrator, or proof of concept article is essential to showcase the viability of your solution. The ability to launch a finished product or service within the next 60 months, reaching Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) 7-8, is a key requirement. Additionally, you should be able to conduct a pilot project in Delfzijl, the Netherlands, and be willing to relocate part of the development process to that location. By fulfilling these criteria, you open the door to potential collaboration with Nobian, leveraging our expertise and resources to scale up your solution effectively.